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The Story

When I rode with the motorcycle club, I wore the same dirty clothes for months and used all kinds of drugs including LSD, speed, psilocybin, marijuana, hashish and alcohol. I carried a crowbar and a meat cleaver, but later found a gun to be more practical. My hair was very long. I wore an earring, and ring in my nose. My involvement in crime led to another arrest. That time the police said I was facing 20 years to life on each of two charges. The trial took place without me. A jury found me guilty and the judge sentenced me. A federal warrant for flight to avoid prosecution was issued. The next ten years were spent as a fugitive with the cops in hot pursuit.


  • "I cried and cried. No other testimony has ever affected me to tears like yours!"

    - Susan

  • "I found your story… It's quite possibly the most moving testimony I've ever heard."

    - Jim

  • "I felt the power of God as I read this man's testimony."

    - Adrian

  • "What an awesome testimony! I was praising Jesus with tears running down my face."

    - Gail

  • "It’s so amazing what God can do. Reading your story helped set me back on my feet."

    - Selina

  • "WOW! What can I say? I know nothing is impossible with God but He sure went a long way with you."

    - Charlie

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About the Author

If I could ask anything of my readers, it would be the following two things. I would be very thankful if you would include my family and myself in your prayers. Secondly, please join me in praying for the lost. I have never been motivated by money when sharing my testimony. My only desire is that God would continue to use it to touch hearts and bring many more into His kingdom.

In His service,

- Ken Burton

Ken Burton

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